I embrace the challenge of photography – of freezing what is meant to pass in a millisecond, reflecting the truest part of a moment.

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, I came to New York to study arts and journalism. Ever since I was 15 I have had a passion for photography. Staying for hours after high school classes in the dark room, waiting for the paper to transform into context in the chemical bins, I caught the last bloom days of film photography and immediately fell in love with documenting the world and its peculiarities on paper.

After having gone to major in Journalism and Graphics at Baruch College, I continued working with the New York portrait photo studio at LaGuardia Arts School. I always felt a certain brotherhood of mind between writing and visual storytelling, so I continued learning and perfecting both crafts.

When I shot my first wedding as a lead photographer interning for the New York Daily News, I realized how much joy I felt in building a narrative through a lens, creating a chain of events set for infinity with each click of the camera. There is a certain privilege in being a historian of moments that become monumental events in people’s lives. I was promoted to lead photographer of events at the studio, and began managing my team shortly after that.

I have had the pleasure of being a documentarian at diverse venues ranging from the beautiful Plaza Hotel and the Pierre to the city’s avant-garde gems like the Galapagos Art Space and New Museum on the Bowery. Some of these documentaries would later be published in the New York Magazine, the Knot, Vice Magazine, Manhattan Bride, the Bride, and Time Out New York.

Over the years I have received awards for my work as a photojournalist, including the AGWPJA’s top 10 awards and the Harnisch Family Journalism scholarship. Silversquares, one of the documentary projects I have worked on, has won first place in a national contest judged by Pitchfork, Variety Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

There is a certain challenge that comes with capturing and expressing visually what a hundred people experience. That challenge always inspires to think outside the box in order to realize through photographs how two people want to commemorate their celebration. From as early as I can remember, I have felt like a mirror for energies around me, and when I see people happy or sad I channel their feeling onto paper. The mechanism became ingrained in my photography and ultimately became the reason for me loving the craft- being able to evoke the truth of the moment and reflect the innate and the unspoken.

Be it the intimate celebration in a garden of a home where one grew up or a baroque firework display at a grand ceremony, it is interesting to me how unique each moment is. I greatly value the opportunity to be part of a bride and groom’s celebration, and the responsibility that comes with while documenting the wedding day.