An award-winning photographer, Tilly’s approach is honest and fresh. With Gruber she has photographed some incredible events and continues to love the creativity afforded to shooting weddings “You don’t have the time to plan your shots capturing a wedding like you would in the studio shooting fashion. You have to be creative on the spot, reacting to the action and creating the most beautiful and dynamic interpretation of it”. Tilly takes pride in documenting the story of your event as it unfolds in the most natural and unobtrusive way.

Tilly joined Gruber Photographers as Maike’s assistant and quickly proved her talent as an emerging wedding photographer. She wears two hats for the studio – one as a shooter and the other as their full time production manager, “being involved with an event from the initial meeting with the couple to finally completing their wedding album some months later really affords me a close relationship with our clients. It’s a very warm and personal experience having Gruber Photographers shoot your event.

Before coming to New York, Tilly made a name for herself in Auckland, New Zealand. Tilly’s interest in photography began at a young age and was nurtured throughout her schooling by some fantastic art teachers who saw her talent and appreciation for the photographic medium. Tilly graduated top of her class at UNITEC Institute of New Zealand. After her schooling, Tilly became a national award-winning photographer with her submission to the AIPA Photography Awards. In New Zealand, Tilly worked in a variety of photographic fields including fashion, architecture, sport and product photography. She always enjoyed the weddings and mitzvahs she began doing for friends and found that her passion for photography was most ignited shooting events.