Born and raised in New York, Massimo grew up in a multi cultural home speaking multiple languages. By a very early age he was taken with travel and adventure photography.  His favorite photographic journal was National Geographic, and has travelled extensively with the same curiosity and verve of the photographers who photograph for the magazine.  Through his personal work Massimo learned that patience was vital for great photography.  He applies the same lessons that nature photographers do to his wedding work. He stays very low key and takes his time to compose and shoot at the decisive moment rather than shooting random rapid fire shots and hoping one of them is well timed.

After graduating from Fordham University, Massimo delved into the world of event photography with an initial focus on corporate events.  His focus shifted to weddings and where he found his niche. 

Timing is everything. He is attracted to moments that happen only once, creating beauty out of these fleeting occurrences.