I grew up in Herne, a small town in Germany. In my teens I fantasized I’d move to Berlin and be a graphic designer. But when I found photography I realized graphic design was too tedious and solitary that I needed to interact with people face to face.

I decided to pursue a degree in Photography and my photojournalism professor Ulrich Mack, a top photographer in Europe, hired me to work in his studio. He taught me that it is one thing to photograph people; it is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness. In 1992 I received my Masters Degree and a year later I won a scholarship to Columbia University. After a few years in New York City I became the photojournalist for my friend’s weddings. I also discovered I enjoyed photographing performances, especially circus acts, and soon became the photographer for Spectacle Magazine and the Big Apple Circus. When I met Terry he totally understood my vision. When he encouraged me to be part of the Gruber team he told me “If you can shoot a circus you can shoot a wedding for Gruber.”  I photograph with a spirit of collaboration– for me a wedding is an opportunity to be inspired and inspire others with images that capture the best and most memorable moments. I expend a lot of energy talking with the bride prior to the wedding day and those conversations allow me to intuit what will make their wedding photography a success. I work very hard to exceed those expectations. I make sure a bride is a guest at her own wedding and assure her I will produce beautiful graphic images of the unpredictable expressions, the shining moments and her most telling interactions. With meticulous planning, passion, and familiarity with each client, my goal is always be two steps ahead – to candidly photograph the moments that matter, between the people who matter.

My photos have been published in Modern Bride, InStyle, Inside Weddings, French Vogue, Spectacle, New York Magazine, and the Big Apple Circus Annual. I was featured in the documentary “Circus” on PBS.