A Different Kind of New York Bat Mitzvah Photography

Did you know that Gruber specializes in Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography? Little did we know when we were shooting one particular New York Bat Mitzvah, our photos would be used for something as stunning as this!

One of our creative clients commissioned an artist to create this 5.5′ x 6′ portrait of her daughter. But what makes it so unique is that it is made up of 1,200 photos that Gruber took at her recent New York Bat Mitzvah! We worked closely with the artist at the Keszler Gallery to make sure that the photos were not redundant and that only the best of the best Bat Mitzvah photography was used. And the artist took care to thoughtfully arrange the photos so that the closest friends and family composed the face and fanned out from there. Her New York Bat Mitzvah is one to remember, and what a unique way to have her photography commemorate such a special day.

If you would like more details on this piece, please feel free to drop us a note!

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