How to Prepare for Your Executive Portrait

Tips for Getting a Professional Headshot Your executive portrait encapsulates your professional confidence, charisma and brand. Convey the right message by properly preparing for your headshot!

Take care of yourself

Before your photo shoot, be sure to hydrate in the few days leading up to your shoot in order to avoid dark under-eye circles and wrinkles that you’d rather not have featured in your professional portrait. Also, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep the night before so that you are well rested and ready to shine.

Relax during the photo shoot

This whole process should be relaxing for you, especially during the actual shoot. If you’re tense or stressed out, your body language and expression will convey those emotions, and it will show in the finished product. The only thing you should focus on is achieving your best posture and following the photographer’s directions.

What to wear in the spotlight

Remember that this image is going to reflect who you are as a professional. With that in mind, it’s important to think about what you will wear beforehand and bring a few wardrobe options to the photo shoot.  Keep in mind that darker colors express maturity, while lighter colors express youth. Plan accordingly with the standards of the industry you are in as well.

The most important aspect of your headshot, however, is being happy and comfortable with what you’re wearing. Just be careful that your clothing doesn’t steal your spotlight!

Gruber Photographers are experts in drawing out our subject’s best, most engaging selves and we have the knowledge to help you achieve the professional image you want. With us, there’s no reason to worry about the little details because we take care of them all. We’ll handle your makeup and hair, and give you the wardrobe advice you’re looking for. Book us for your executive portrait today or check out our portfolio!

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  1. James Anderson

    It’s great to know that darker colors express maturity, while lighter colors express youth, and this can affect the image that you want to convey when getting an executive portrait shot. Our company wants to have our pictures taken professionally so that we’ll have a more professional image on our social media pages. I’ll mention this to them so that we can be more confident of our poses and our wardrobe once the photographers come to take our photos.


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