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The Importance of Doing an Engagement Photo Session

January 24, 2019

All too often couples jump right into the stresses of wedding planning and forget to take some time to cherish and enjoy their engagement before moving onto marriage. One way to take it all in and memorialize that period of your life is with an engagement photo shoot. This pre-wedding photography session allows you to not only connect with your partner on a deeper level, but also reap the many benefits of these photos before your wedding day. Engaged Couple by the Water in NYC

Use your engagement photo shoot as a trial run

You may think you’ll stay cool, calm and collected on your big day, but don’t be surprised when your stomach fills with butterflies and your mind races with excitement. The last thing you should be stressing about on your wedding day is feeling awkward in front of the camera. With an engagement photo session, you can work with your photographer or photographers to discover the angles and poses that best suit you as a couple.

Capture this new & exciting part of your journey together

Engaged but not yet married is a time so often forgotten by couples. We feel it’s a time to cherish and an engagement photo shoot will help you make the time to enjoy this part of your journey together.

Integrate the images into your wedding

Engagement photo shoots give you beautiful displays of the love and intimacy you have for your partner, making them the perfect images to incorporate in pre-wedding activities. Use your engagement photos for your save-the-dates or as part of your wedding program. Send a framed print to your parents and future in-laws. Compile the photos along with others into a slideshow to show at the rehearsal dinner or integrate the engagement photos into your wedding website. At Gruber Photographers, we understand that your vision is the key to capturing the most stunning and memorable wedding photos. That is why we take our time getting to know our couples before wedding day. Let us show you how we can capture your big day. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 today to learn more about booking your engagement photo shoot with us!

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