With Knowledge Comes Power

by Terry Gruber


On November 21st, the Gruber studio manager, Felicity, took a call from a groom-to-be named Alex for a last minute Central Park engagement session by Terry.   But Alex had some special requests:  He required absolute privacy. No photos could be preserved from his shoot.  Terry had to shoot the photos, download them onto a drive, and erase all the memory cards.  Also, there were to be no Iphones or any recording of the shoot.   Terry, Zev, and Justina, the new intern, ran off to meet Alex and his fiance in Strawberry Fields.  They hoped after meeting the couple they’d gain some insight into the veil of secrecy, but aside from learning his last name, Wang, they learned very little else. They shot the couple, went to a restaurant, downloaded the photos, and erased the images from the three cameras.  Googling Alex Wang was futile as Alexander Wang the fashion designer owns that name and that space. Justina though, remembered Alex mentioning he “played a little music” and searched “Alex Wang musician”.  Lo and behold she found Leehom Wang (aka Alex) had posted Terry’s photo on his Facebook Page with a message to his fans about meeting the love of his life.   Scanning the post, Terry was shocked to see that 1.5 million of Alex’s fans had access to the uncredited photo and that a half a million of them had “liked”it.


Facebook Post with Photo from Gruber Photographers

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