Why You SHOULD Do An Engagement Photo Shoot Before Your Wedding

98% Of Married Woman Recommend that brides do an Engagement shoot before their Wedding day Because…
….Brides-to-be who have never done a professional photo shoot before having no idea what to expect when the photographer shows up for their wedding.
An engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity for you to see if you and the photographer are a good fit.
Remember: FIT is far more important than quality and price.
A good high-end professional photographer not only creates a stunning wedding album but will make you feel extremely comfortable.
Feeling comfortable in front of a photographer is essential to you looking amazing on your wedding photos.
Even if you think you’re not photogenic…
…a good wedding photographer will calm your “wedding buzz” nerves, make you feel comfortable and draw out your natural smile
Once your natural smile shows, it’s easy for a professional wedding photographer, using his expert grasp on lighting and angles, to capture the pure beauty of the moment and reveal your most radiant version; a portrayal of you, you might not even have known existed.
Why Do An Engagement Shoot?
✔ Discover if you and a photographer are a good fit for each other
✔ Time out for ONLY you and your special person to a ROMANTIC part of the city
✔ Learn: Which poses won’t work for you and which mistakes to avoid in front of the camera
✔ Learn: What make-up style works for you
What Is Included In An Engagement Photoshoot Through Us?
✔ Professional Make-up Artist – $ 300
✔ Custom Wedding Invitations – $ 100
✔ $ 1000 Off All Wedding Packages
✔ Breakfast /Lunch (Bonus)
✔ Mini-Photo Album – $ 50
✔ 1 hour consulting and logical planning with the couple or planner – $ 100
✔ 1.5 Hour fun-filled Professional Shoot – with a very creative and enthusiastic photography team – $ 1000
✔ 1 Framed Photo for your living room – $ 50
✔ Pre Wedding USB Stick – $ 50
✔ Editing and Retouching of your photos – $ 250
✔ Custom Wedding day time tables featuring your engagement photos on – $ 50
✔ Custom Menus featuring your engagement photos – $50
✔ Complete Wedding Guide – $ 50
Total Price: $ 2050
Get Your 50% Discount and only pay $ 995

Let a passionate photography team capture your infatuation with a mesmerizing engagement photo shoot and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

and fall in love with your special person all over again and share the moments with your future children and grandchildren
We completely understand how difficult it is you have so many things to plan and organize for your wedding and then you still have to find a photographer…

You have to choose 1 high-quality photographer—out of thousands—that matches the style and quality you need for your wedding photos and at the same time makes you feel very comfortable.

We will prove to you in action with an engagement shoot that the search for a photographer is over and that you have finally found someone who can tell your love story in the way you always wanted it to be told


Let us capture your infatuation with an engagement photo shoot 

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Just because someone can operate a camera, does not mean they know how to shoot a wedding. Wedding photography is a unique style that’s developed over years of practice.
You do not want to find out on your wedding day that the photographer doesn’t actually know how to do the job.
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