Why Use a Professional Wedding Photographer?

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My name is Terry. I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 30 years and I’ll tell you a secret: you’ll be a gorgeous bride. My only job at your wedding would be to reveal the loveliest version of you.

As someone who’s taken countless pictures at more than 700 weddings, I understand intimately the fears you’re experiencing at the outset of your wedding planning journey.

“What dress should I wear? Where should the reception be held? How many people should I invite? How do I choose a photographer? Do I need a wedding planner or florist? How much will that cost? Where do I even START???”

It’s a rollercoaster ride! You’re excited, yet stressed; you can’t wait for the big day, but worry that everything falls apart when it comes!

It’s completely understandable if you’re bewildered.

As a professional who’s worked closely with many brides, I have a firm grasp on the importance you place on this special day, and I know how essential it is for the photos that bloom from this once-in-a-lifetime occasion to be perfect.

After all, what better way to share with your children this special day than through beautiful wedding photos?

And which bride wouldn’t want their parents to brag to friends and family about how lovely their daughter and son-in-law looked on their wedding day?

When you open your wedding album it should gush with stories from one of the most precious days of your life, along with a flood of joyous tears.


6 Instances that you’ll NEED to get a Professional Photographer:

1. If you want to look amazingly beautiful on every photo. The best photographer can get the most beautiful version of anyone even if they have a bit of extra weight they know how to work the angles and make you look your best.

2. A Professional photographer will capture photos of EVERYONE or everyone important and not miss any important moment and at the same time work with your time table.

3. Your photographer will capture moments as they are and tells your love story as it is with your wedding album.

4. Use the environment at its best and have photos with amazing lighting and not all photographers know how to do a beautiful sunset portrait.

5. Make the guests feel comfortable and get photos of everyone “posed” and “un-posed” and at the same time is like a ghost that doesn’t disturb anyone.

6. You want your wedding album to look like the dream wedding fairy tale slash love story you’ve always imagined as a child.


It is EXTREMELY important for you to see if you and the photographer are a good fit.

Remember: FIT is far more important than quality and price.

A good high-end professional photographer not only creates a stunning wedding album but will make you feel extremely comfortable.

Feeling comfortable in front of a photographer is essential to you looking amazing on your wedding photos

Even if you THINK you’re not photogenic.

 a good wedding photographer will calm your “wedding buzz” nerves, make you feel comfortable and draw out your natural smile

Once your natural smile shows, it’s easy for a professional wedding photographer, using his expert grasp on lighting and angles, to capture the pure beauty of the moment and reveal your most radiant version; a portrayal of you, you might not even have known existed.


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