Why Spring Weddings Are So Beauteous

Spring Weddings Are So Beauteous

The best time of year for a wedding has been commonly given to the summer months, especially during the month of June. However, current engaged couples are looking for another time of year that is just as wonderful for getting married.

The Spring season cannot go unnoticed as an ideal time of year for a wedding. The budding trees, flowers in bloom, pastel colors, and warm, but not too hot, temperatures make the months of April and May perfect for marriage vows.

Spring weather comes complete with clear blue skies, chirping birds, and the re-birth of greenery, all of which make this season great for an outdoor wedding.  A benefit of planning a spring wedding is the natural beauty. For couples on a budget or for those who wish to keep décor simple and clean, spring provides so much untouched gorgeousness.

Pastel colors add a sophisticated, yet sweet elegance to a wedding. From light green, to pale pink, lavender, and yellow, spring colors are easy to incorporate into a wedding theme. Mixing and matching colors can be tricky, except for spring hues. The above colors can be intertwined nicely.

Spring Weddings Are So Beauteous

Spring Flowers!

What more can be said about Spring blooms except for simply stunning? Some of the loveliest flowers are in season in spring. Pansies, lilacs, tulips, irises, hydrangeas, and azaleas are a few of the flowers to bloom in the Spring. The flowers are gorgeous and smell heavenly, plus, they make for dazzling centerpieces.

Couples spend a lot of pre-wedding time scouring over photography locations for post-ceremony. In the fall and winter weather is unexpected, in the summer you typically have to contend with tourists. In the Spring however, greenery is just beginning to come back to life and with less people traffic, your options for an outdoor photo shoot will be spectacular.

Gruber Photographers has experience photographing weddings in all seasons and would be delighted to speak with you about the beauty of a Spring wedding and the magical photographs that capture it. Contact us for more information.


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