Event feature: “Whispering Eye”

by Moha Antani

Every member of the Gruber Photographers team is enormously talented. Our studio manager, Felicity Mason, is curating a show showcasing the works of female artists from all across America and as far as Australia. From surreal paintings to eye-catching sculptures, the event named “Whispering Eye” has a variety of art with a whimsical theme. Ms. Mason will also have some of her paintings on display.

Gruber Photographers got the chance to photograph this accomplished group of women in our studio. The inspiration behind the photo was the famous Vanity Fair photoshoot, celebrating the female faces of Hollywood. Our photographer, Ryan Carville, captured the group in black and white, resulting in a striking image with depth.

“Whispering Eye” will have its opening night on Saturday, December 13th, 2014 with a private preview at 6pm. The show begins at 6:30pm at Gruber Gallery at 25 W 26th street between Broadway and 6th avenue.


Promo Photo for Whispering Eye

Photo by Ryan Carville

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