What to Consider When Choosing a Color Palette for Your Wedding

Congratulations—you’re engaged! Now that you’ve acquired the best wedding planner, there are plenty of things to get started on, including deciding on your color palette.

Establishing the color scheme early will help make your wedding planning easier, so what should you consider when choosing?

New York City Wedding

What is your venue?

Your venue will play a large role in the overall theme and colors of your wedding.

Like The WhiteBox versus The Pierre; these are totally different challenges.

It’s always easier to start with adding to white as opposed to adding to an established palette of carpet curtains, and wall colors.   

What’s the season?

Thinking seasonally can be helpful for choosing colors that make sense.

For spring, soft pinks and purples are a great choice while brighter corals and fuchsias are great for summer. Jewel tones are popular for fall, while silvers and mauves are common for winter weddings.

However, you don’t necessarily need to be bound by seasonal colors when choosing your palette—it can merely be a good place to start. Overall, a good course of action is choosing one or two strong accent colors and keep in mind textures as well.

Glam it up!

Right now, a popular trend is incorporating metallics into your color scheme. Pair your flat colors with a rose gold or a bright silver to add a note of glamour.

What’s your vibe?

Your color scheme can set the tone for your wedding. If you’re going for a moody feel, colors like emerald, ruby, and darker, jewel tones can really set the scene. If you’re going for more of an ethereal vibe, soft pinks and moss are a great choice.

Once your colors are decided, it’s time to find a trusted photographer to capture the beauty of your big day!

At Gruber Photographers, we are hyper-focused on the details, both large and small, so that you’re wedding album is filled with beautiful photos. Call us at 212-262-9777 to learn more about us and browse through our work today!

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