Wedding Trends to Expect in 2018

Brides and grooms are constantly taking risks and thinking outside the box now more than ever before. From velvet draped tabletops to a unique twist in cuisine, this year is here to make a statement.

Here are the top wedding trends to look out for in 2018! Stay Up to Date on These Wedding Tips

A change in wining & dining

Couples are opting to have more unique food options instead of a traditional plated dinner. This could mean food stations, or buffets that are scattered throughout the reception area that allow guests to try several different cuisines. This unique take on food doesn’t stop at the main course. Couples are having dessert tables with more than just cake to offer. Some have seen popsicles, donuts, and several other sweets.

A revamped color palette

Wedding Wire says that weddings in 2018 will take on a darker hue. This means we’re saying goodbye to the pastels that were popular for so long and are welcoming a more rich and dramatic palette. This includes dark, even black, accents in décor, as well as flower arrangements. These deep hues will be accompanied by new metallic details, replacing the beloved rose gold of 2017, with silver and chrome.

A focus on texture

Although color will always be important, there is an emerging trend in texture at a reception. People are focusing more on details like texture in their reception décor and different wedding elements, such as menus and tabletops. 2018 is bringing macramé to bare walls and tables and velvet to ensure a welcoming and cozy ambience.

An emphasis on entertainment

Brides and grooms are starting to eliminate the opportunity for guests to be observant bystanders at their party. They take on this task by providing a plethora of ways to entertain their guests throughout the night. There is still the traditional and main focal point of entertainment, which is either a DJ or live band. Now we are seeing sketch artists, magicians, photo booths, and several other personalized interests for guests to enjoy. It is also becoming more common for couples to host their wedding at venues that offer other experiences, such as a museum or art gallery.

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