From Flashmob to Dance Floor: Matt & Lauren

A year after his flash-mob proposal at Bryant Park, Matt and Lauren tied the knot at their winter themed wedding held at Guastavino’s. From the floral lace details on her Oscar De la Renta dress to the embroidered last names on their jackets, each element added its own character to the overall feel.  Even though already living in NYC, both families decided to book rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria for the wedding week.

Words from the bride: “I think this really made the entire weekend feel more special as a little “getaway” and gave us time to just relax and focus on being with our families together.  I was told stories on how the actual day-of the wedding events could get hectic and overwhelming. But when Maike walked into our suite she actually said it reminded her of a spa. Candles were lit, music was playing, and everyone was laid back and relaxed, which was exactly how we’ve always planned it to be and I think it set a great mood and start to the big day – why stress?  Most importantly, it was so great for us to be surrounded by both of our families.”

Lauren also stressed the importance of having the right team of people planning and helping her with the wedding. This made the day run more smoothly, and allowed her to enjoy each moment fully. With the nerves calmed and anxiety dismissed, Matt and Lauren were ready to party all night. Marcus Reid from Hank Lane  kept the party going all night,  followed by DJ Dimitry Mak who took over for the after-party at Guastavino’s. Gruber Photographers was delighted to be there since the beginning to shoot this special occasion for Matt and Lauren.





Couple Embraces during 1st Dance

Classic Photo of Newlywed Couple

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