Turn Your Destination Wedding Into A Vacation For All


Turn Your Destination Wedding Into A Vacation For All

We all know the tune: “When the weather outside is frightful…” But it’s the last thing anyone would want to hear as they’re walking down the aisle. A wintry mix is not wedding weather, nor is negative degree wind chill. If you’re getting married during the winter, it’s time to escape. And that’s where the destination wedding comes in.

The best part about a destination wedding in the winter is not only the warm weather, but the fact that everyone who attends will be thanking you for the getaway. It’s an unexpected blessing in disguise for those tired of snowstorms and slush; soon enough, your wedding turns into a vacation for all of those involved. And that universal relief makes for the best photography.

Our photographers love shooting winter destination weddings because they feel like they’re on vacation, too. The photos will speak for themselves: you’d be surprised how happy and beautiful everyone looks when they get to escape the cold for a weekend. The term “camera shy” will not exist at your destination wedding. In other words: leave “Cheese!” at the door.

Turn Your Destination Wedding Into A Vacation For All


Location, Location, Location

But also, another fantastic advantage of a winter destination wedding is the backdrop you choose. The location always, of course, influences the photography and with a destination wedding, you have so many exotic options in front of you. We’ve sent photographers all over the globe to shoot, from Italy’s Amalfi Coast to the sunny shores of California. Let’s just say that you can only imagine the photos that resulted. There’s really nothing like sunshine and the sea when you say, “I do.”

Whatever the occasion may be, our photographers will be at the ready, snapping the pictures that you’ll remember for a lifetime. But for the sake of yourself and your guests, make it a destination wedding. They’ll thank you later. And we will, too.

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