Top 4 Engagement Shoot Locations in New York

Central Park North End

Central Park North End

So you are now engaged, settled on a wedding date, finally booked a venue, selected a florist, and are working on the guest list. Now is your chance to “let go” a bit and do something much less stressful! Posing in front of the camera will be so much fun as the happy couple you are meant to be, but to top it all, capture the special moments that you can share with friends, family and future generations!

Engagement shoots are a relatively new concept and are now have become a standard practice. It gives you a chance as a couple to become comfortable in front of the camera and to get a better idea of your photographer’s style (and also for your photographer to get to know your style as well as your likes and dislikes!)

There are no shortage of places in NYC to do an engagement shoot. Here are our top choices for locations for engagement shoots. They offer stunning views and photograph really well.

Central Park North:

  • The most private part of Central Park; much fewer onlookers and passerby’s
  • Much denser foliage if you want to have that true rustic/outdoors kind of feel

Highline Park:

  • One of the most unique parks in the city offers countless backgrounds and topography
  • Can get a view of various streets below, iconic buildings or the Hudson river
  • Excellent to capture the sunset in the background if you decide to do a late afternoon or evening shoot

    Embrace on the Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge:

  • Iconic landmark that is unmistakably all about NYC
  • Excellent views of the east river, Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines
  • Outstanding for capturing the sunrise or sunset (Brooklyn or Manhattan skylines respectively)

Grand Central Station:

  • You will need to apply for a permit but the station offers beautiful architecture with tall ceilings with a wow factor
  • Photos will capture the true hustle bustle of the city
  • Proximity to New York Public Library offers more opportunities to take romantic pictures on the steps of the library

To top it all, you will have several hundred pictures, many of which will be candid and fun and would be great to use for save the date, wedding guest sign-in book or thank you cards.

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  1. Manny Paniagua

    I am planning to propose to my gf next Saturday in NYC. 🤔 not where exactly, but I was thinking the Empire State Building. You guys have some amazing shots of that locale, was hoping to do something similar. Could you let me know what your rate would be for a photoshoot next sat? Late afternoon or early AM whichever you think is best for the best photo quality.


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