The Secret to Great Portrait and Headshot Photography

Did you know Gruber Photographers have shot 1,800 New York portraits since 1989? Is that the not the best kept secret? So now that the cat’s out of the bag– Terry Gruber says:

“Here’s my secret to achieving the best professional headshots for a client: The wardrobe, the lighting, the hair, and the makeup, the attitude, the background all need to synergize. I work from the eyes outward to make sure that they are the focal point the ‘window to the soul.’ From experience I probe–is it for an actress, a model, for commercials, for film, for a website, to host a TV program, for dating? Each is different! One needs to say ‘I am easy to talk to.’ Another needs to say ‘I have a secret.’ More and more the goal is to increase on-line sales so out comes my film school training to elicit confidence & integrity…as for dating… that’s a whole other ball of wax. (Future blog).

Indoors, in our New York portrait studio we have clean and flattering natural light coming thru 45 feet of 15 foot floor to ceiling windows and gauzy curtains. Outdoor portraits have city backgrounds to emphasize the message, or nature to dull the urban edge. Our subjects review the photos on the spot at the size they’ll be printed and do an edit. It’s over when they say ‘I’ve totally got it.’ Then the work continues with our trademark color correction and light retouching ties it together. “It looks like me, only at my best” is our biggest compliment.”

This photo of Rachel Stange is for Entertainment News and Broadway Interviews.

Great Portrait Photography in NYC


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