The Art of Documentary-Style Event Photography

Old man and young boy celebrating birthday Documentary photography is one of many styles that have been practiced and reinvented over the years. Learn more about this innovative type of photography that brings your event to life through careful storytelling and genuine moments.

A story told through a series of photographs

Documentary photography is similar to photojournalism in the way that it follows a significant event as it is happening and captures unrehearsed moments through a lens. This style of photography was used to document wars, social issues, and other global events to relay a meaningful message to the rest of the world. The events being documented should be untouched by the photographer as they seamlessly maneuver around the event to capture the true and candid shots that will collectively produce a story.

Shifting to photojournalistic, documentary-style wedding and event photography

Bringing this authentic style of photography into the modern age has produced a plethora of wonderful documentaries of weddings, celebrations, and other events. Rather than rehearsed and planned, your photographs will portray true emotion, candid moments and precious details that would normally go overlooked.

Photographers who utilize the documentary style are experts at capturing real photos without any disruption or obtrusion during the event. They are everywhere and nowhere at the same time creating images that will be stitched together to form an endearing story.

As a pioneer in the shift to documentary-style wedding and event photography, Gruber Photographers push the field forward while respecting and preserving the unique beauty and authenticity of traditional forms and textures. Utilize are unique, cinematic approach and a storyteller’s eye for detail at your next event. Call us at 212-262-9777 to book us for your next event!

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