New York City Wedding – Kerryn + Jackie

In 1998 Dr. Kerryn Phelps and her partner, Jackie Stricker traveled half way around the world from their native Australia to New York City in lieu of a religious ceremony to celebrate their love. Thirteen years later they returned to have their marriage legally recognized after New York became the 6th state in the US to recognize same-sex marriage. The couple contacted New York wedding photographer Terry Gruber to document their journey to New York’s City Hall Court House where dozens of same-sex couples have been flocking to become legally recognized life partners.

Terry captured the women walking into the Office of The City Clerk to sign the marriage license, then heading over to the State Office Building where the marriage ceremony took place. The same Rabbi who had presided over their ceremony thirteen years earlier was there to make their marriage official as the couple’s two daughters and niece stood close by, teary-eyed, as the two women exchanged vows.

Dr. Phelps is a medical practitioner and public commentator and Ms. Stricker-Phelps is a business woman and human rights activist both based in Sydney, Australia. Congratulations to Kerryn, Jackie, and their entire family!

new york wedding photographer same sex marriage
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