A Tribeca Rooftop wedding can be a magical experience especially if it is timed with the sunset. The spectacular 18,000 square foot rooftop features panoramic views of the Hudson River, The Empire State Building, SOHO and Tribeca. Understandably, this is a favorite venue for brides and our New York City wedding photographers alike.

Connecting the roof with the Penthouse indoor space is a dramatic set of stairs from The Palladium overlooked by a 65-foot skylight floating over the dance floor. One of the best reasons to have a Tribeca Rooftop wedding is that you can make the set highly individualized. The sophisticated industrial space offers event designers the freedom to create a unique and personalized design. The establishment also has a beautiful bridal suite for getting ready, a photo studio, and is surrounded by some of the nicest cobblestone streets in Manhattan. A Tribeca Rooftop Wedding equals a surfeit of opportunities for our New York City wedding photographers to take the most astounding and memorable images.

In addition to the photo opportunities, the food at any Tribeca Rooftop wedding is always exceptional as well. The Executive Chef’s comes from Glorious Foods, which was for years “the caterer” for elegant events in NYC. Tracey Sarn is our contact there. When you call, tell her “Gru-Bah” sent you.