The Hudson Mercantile wedding venue is one of the newest entries into a small number of top-notch NYC rooftop venues. This is one space that has several unique visual aspects to it, making it a favorite location for our New York City wedding photographers to shoot.

The renovated 4,500 square ft. open air space is said to be the largest NYC rooftop-wedding venue with two elevators that open right onto the roof. One of the best features of having a Skylight West wedding is the panoramic view Midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building, the sunset over the Hudson River. A huge white ex-billboard is available for projections, decor or branding. Housed in the same building is Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging, a state of the art lighting and production facility.

The 6,000 square foot ground floor of this NYC rooftop has an industrial feel with 20-foot ceilings and the 6,000 sq foot 6th floor allows you to move guests throughout the space to create a three-tiered party experience. No matter the size, a Skylight West wedding is sure to impress your guests and provide the perfect backdrop for our experienced New York City wedding photographers to capture.