Former New York Athletes pose for Regus Corporation

by Moha Antani

Gruber Photographers recently shot a promotional event for Regus Corporation, where clients had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with professional athletes. The event spanned multiple locations across New York City, from Rockefeller Plaza to Madison Avenue. Depending on whether one was a fan of basketball, football, or baseball, one could decide which venue to go to and whom to see. The professional sportsmen who were present are all former players for teams based in New York. This was an innovative idea that added a personal touch to Regus’ image, and gave its’ customers insight into how the corporation works. Below are some of the photographs taken at the event.

David Diehl of the NY Giants

David Diehl of the NY Giants

Dwight Gooden of the NY Mets

Charles Oakley of the NY Knicks

Bret Saberhagen of the NY Mets

Bret Saberhagen of the NY Mets

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