Proposal Photography in NYC: Don’t Ever Forget That Special Moment

Prior to the exchange of wedding vows, there is a special moment that makes it all possible: the engagement. We at Gruber know that the engagement is a colossal milestone in any relationship and that with the perfect proposal photography in NYC, you won’t ever forget that special moment and the feelings you & your spouse shared.

NYC Engagement Photographer Tips: How You Can Prepare for that Extraordinary Moment

Gruber wants your perfect moment to be just that—perfect! Here is some advice for that ideal proposal photography session from Gruber professional NYC engagement photographers:

  • Choose the perfect place, keeping weather in mind
  • Have a general idea of how you’ll pop the question; of course it should come from the heart and shouldn’t be too scripted!
  • Don’t forget the ring!
  • Dress to impress; remember you’ll be looking at these photos for years to come
  • Our team finds it is best sure to include your photographer early in the planning process

The Art of the Secret Proposal

Proposal photography in NYC is an art; it must be captured the right way. Our engagement photographers can work with you in order to capture a secret proposal. By making themselves hidden and completely unknown to your loved one, our engagement photographers ensure that your engagement photographs will be as genuine as possible. Our team will work with you closely in order to understand the personality of your relationship and how we can most perfectly capture that ever-lasting moment. With Gruber proposal photography in NYC, rest assured you and your partner will love your engagement photographs just as much as the feelings you exchanged in that moment.

Are You Proposing on a Romantic Trip to NYC?

Even for those who are traveling to NYC for their “Will You Marry Me?” moment, our professional engagement photographers based in NYC have the necessary experience and acquaintance with the city so as to better service those who may not be so familiar with all the wonders of New York City.

No matter if your proposal is secret or planned, day or night, Gruber proposal photography in NYC appreciates the significance of this event and will collaborate with you to plot out every essential detail for your picture-perfect New York City engagement photographs. Contact us online for a consultation, or give us a call directly at 212.262.9777!