Why a Professional Portrait is Important for your business

by Moha Antani

A first impression can make or break your reputation in a professional setting. With our online personae becoming a first look at part of our identity, it is imperative our professional portraits convey the best impression and representation of us. If you are serious about your business, an executive portrait helps you connect with your clients and gives your brand an image. Professional studio lighting can bring out your best features (with many, its the eyes) and sculpt your face while removing harsh shadows.  Here at Gruber Photographers, we make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and are expert at bringing out your winning personality in your portraits.

Tips to prepare for a business photoshoot:

– Wear solid dark colors such as black, navy, grey. Bright colors usually distract the viewer from the face. Light colors such as beige or tan may wash you out.

– Keep your makeup natural. Men: Wear powder to reduce shine.  Women: Avoid using too much shimmer as it will be highlighted in the images.  Avoid red lipstick.




 For the best photography services NYC has to offer, contact Gruber Photographers online or call us at 212-262-9777.


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