Executive Photography in New York City

Why Professional Portraits are Important for Your Website

Professional executive photography and executive portraits are becoming not only important for major corporations to have on their website but for smaller start-up businesses as well.

Now that just about every business has their own website the competition to gain new clients is increasing. Your site gives potential spenders an idea of the company they may work with, but giving them an idea of who they may work with can do wonders in your favor.

Having a professional portrait photographer take your professional executive photography and executive portraits can really help your business’ website achieve more of a human feel by providing hints of your employees’ personalities. This can help your business in many ways, although they may be less identifiable than straight ROI formulas.

Include Outside-Work Hobbies

Your potential customer may find that your account managers or VPs have similar hobbies to their own. Having things in common often creates a subconscious connection, possibly giving you their business over a competitor.

Include Professional History

The Founder or CEO should always have a relatively detailed biography. Stories of how a business was built are often quite impressive, and having a one may help you capture the attention of a potential customer.

Consider Writing Style

A page filled with professional executive photography and executive portraits give your business an amazing branding opportunity. If you are trying to come across as a hip and creative agency then write the biographies in a way that captures the quirks of your employees. If you want to be identified as a serious business then write in a more professional tone and focus on educational backgrounds, experiences and impressive extracurricular pursuits

Use a Professional Portrait Photographer

If you are going to have professional executive photography and executive portraits on your site, it is important to hire a professional. Even if “professionalism” isn’t part of your branding, you still want this page of your site to be as eye catching and aesthetically pleasing as possible. A professional portrait photographer will be able to capture uniformity while maintaining the individualism of each employee. He or she will be able to capture the subject’s best and most engaging selves in an honest and comfortable way.

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