Remember Preston Bailey Events with Gruber Photographers

By Michael Clingenpeel

Design by Preston Bailey

We had to do a blog about Preston Bailey, one of New York City’s most amazing designers . After five coffee table books, packaging his designs for a Caribbean Hotel conglomerate and globalizing the event design industry with prestige jobs in Europe and the royal palaces of the Middle East, Preston Bailey designs are synonymous with excellence.

Gentle in nature and grandiose in vision, Preston Bailey events are given high definition design. Some of his specialty designs include:

  • Building walkways
  • Decorating walls with flowers
  • Suspending statement piece accents from seemingly impossible places

Armed with the biggest crews in New York, teams that fly all over the world, and a desire to top himself at every opportunity, no event is too big for Preston Bailey’s prodigious imagination.

Trust Gruber Photographers to capture your Preston Bailey designed wedding by calling us at 212-262-9777 or contact us today!

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