Every wedding is a story made up of a unique series of shared moments. At Gruber Photographers, our wedding photographers tell your story by gracefully capturing these moments-both from your perspective at the center and from the perspective of all the loved ones that surround you.

From our very first meeting, working with us offers an experience unlike that of traditional wedding photographers. We’re refreshingly down-to-earth and easy to talk to. We make sure you and your planners are comfortable that we understand your vision, and that we’ll capture the story without getting in the way of your experience.

Then we plan for flawless execution. We approach every shoot from a more holistic perspective. From pre-wedding and rehearsal to the big day and the big event, we design a meticulous blueprint for every step of the process. We make sure we’ll be able cover all the wonderful moments, reactions and details, allowing us to create beautifully rich, textured albums that are as truthful and memorable as the wedding itself.

And during the event, we do our work with a relaxed intelligence that makes it easy for you to more fully enjoy the day’s journey. Over the years, our team has developed an intuitive rapport that allows us to achieve incredibly complete coverage with a light-footed presence. Sharing the same high level of professional training and artistic talent, our wedding photographers capture everything: from the quiet moments backstage to the grand gestures; from wide shots that set the larger scene to intimate angles capturing the personal emotions; from the beauty of the ceremony to the fun of the celebration. It’s this genuine dedication to our craft that has made Gruber Photographers the choice of everyone from A-list celebrities to the most private clients, and has seen our work featured in publications as diverse as the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue and American Photographer.