Banquet Photography @gruberphoto from terry d gruber on Vimeo.

Reunions and anniversaries. Corporate events and major meetings. We use photography to distill the major moments in time that define group identity. We capture groups of all sizes using the same range of modern equipment and techniques that we use for portraiture and events.

But increasingly, clients come to us for our unique expertise in traditional 12×20 black & white banquet photography. At the turn of the 20th century, these panoramic group shots were offered by every hotel or meeting place of note, and The New York Times recently credited Gruber Photographers with “resurrecting a lost art.”  We’ve trained with one of the true masters of the medium to allow us to offer these beautifully detailed and “instant vintage” photos in the 21st century.  Whether B&W or color, our newstalgic banquet photos capture every face in the crowd with stunning, perfect focus that has to be seen to be believed.