3 Reasons to Hire a Rehearsal Dinner Photographer

The rehearsal dinner is an important but overlooked part of your wedding. It is the “Party before the Party!” It’s filled with excitement, anticipation, and some bawdy and otherwise heart-felt speeches. Such memories shouldn’t be lost because they didn’t occur on the day of your wedding. Instead, they should be documented just like the rest of your wedding by a rehearsal dinner photographer. Here are some more reasons why hiring a photographer for your rehearsal dinner is a good idea:

You’ll have a chance to take photos with everyone

The rehearsal dinner, unlike the wedding, is relaxed.  As such, you’ll have a chance to gather with your various friend groups and extended family for photos, something that can be extremely difficult to do on the wedding day.  Even if you don’t manage to get pictures with everyone at the rehearsal dinner, you will always have the wedding day.

Your wedding photographer won’t be at the rehearsal dinner

Traditionally, the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner and the bride’s parents host the wedding.  Parents of the bride rarely book the wedding photographer for the rehearsal dinner.  The groom’s parents if making the rehearsal dinner arrangement sensibly want to hire their own photographer for the rehearsal dinner.  Very few photography studios offer rehearsal dinner photography, so it’s important to find one that specializes and excels at it.

Memories matter

This is one of the most meaningful and intense weekends of your life, so you’ll want every part of it documented, rehearsal dinner included. Some people dismiss the rehearsal dinner because it’s separate from the wedding, but in reality, the rehearsal dinner is filled with great moments of joy. The vibe is less formal than the wedding, which means there’s ample opportunity for reactions to funny moments and heartfelt speeches from many of your friends. In fact, in our experience the toasts at the rehearsal dinner are always more giddy, choreographed, and fanciful than toasts at the wedding.

Whether you’re the groom’s mom or dad wanting a photographer just for the rehearsal dinner, or if you’re a bride or a groom looking to fill a void for a photographer to cover the warm up to your wedding, the photographers at Gruber Photographers are always excited to be part of your rehearsal dinner coverage.