Pioneers of documentary-style event photography, Gruber Photographers in New York City brings a unique depth to our work in portraiture. We use the same cinematic eye for character and scene to design and capture just the right shot.

Whether candid or posed, conceptual or natural, in our studio or on location, our photographs go beyond the surface to capture our clients’ vision and our subjects’ personality. With over 25 years of experience shooting weddings and major events, portraits have become a natural extension of our services. Our subjects and settings include:

– Maternity, children and families
– Executives and companies
– Bridal and engagement
– Holidays and reunions
– Custom-designed, concept shoots
– Schools

From the concept and set-up to the shoot, we combine technical expertise with a friendly, down-to-earth working style that helps bring out just the right personality in our subjects. Our team of professionals puts people at ease, allowing us to capture them in a more honest light than more traditional portrait photography. As a result, many of the world’s most discerning clients have turned to us for refreshingly expressive portraits that strike the perfect tone and atmosphere.