Paco Underhill: Best-Selling Author

by Moha Antani

SmartWork Media, the brand behind the Instore, Indesign, and Invision magazines, recently announced Paco Underhill as the keynote speaker for the SMART Jewelry Show next April. Gruber Photographers got an opportunity to photograph Mr. Underhill, and the resulting pictures were full of energy and charisma like the man himself. Paco’s vast knowledge of retail and consumerism has him presenting all over the world at conferences and universities. His book Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping has been an international best seller, giving people an insight into their buying behaviors. Not only has his book been helpful for the average Joe, it has also been recognized by corporations for its informative dialogue on the sales approach. He has a new book out titled What Women Want, that discusses the changing role of women in capitalist society. To order your own copy of his books, click here.

Paco Underhill Portrait Paco Underhill Portrait Portrait of Paco Underhill

Paco Underhill. Photos by Gruber Photographers


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