OUT Magazine Covers Washington/Denton Wedding

By: Kyra Louie and Terry Gruber

Gruber Photographers is excited to announce that our photos from the American Museum of Natural History wedding were mentioned in a OUT Magazine exclusive!  We are overjoyed at the joining of our two favorite grooms, Derrence Washington and Nick Denton. Led by our gay wedding specialist Jeremy Saladyga and his team featuring: Maike Schulz, Ryan Carville, JJ Ignotz, Tilly Blair, Olga Makukh and the “Philippe-Petit-like figure“, Terry Gruber.  By the way, Nick Denton is the founder of Gawker.com, which also publishes popular sites such as Kotaku and Deadspin.

If you haven’t had a chance, you should check out the article here!

Silhouettes of 2 Grooms before their wedding

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