New York City Wedding Photographers: Capturing Your Most Memorable Moments

Many dream of getting married in New York City. For those lucky enough to make this dream a reality, ensure that your big day will be captured properly with the skills of a professional New York City wedding photographer. If you’ve been lucky enough to make your dream a reality, settling for anything less than the top NYC wedding photographers simply will not suffice.

The wedding is perhaps the biggest moment in your life. It is something that no one ever wants to forget. With the presence and professional eye of a New York City wedding photographer at your wedding, rest assured, your day of love & commitment will be impeccably captured allowing you and yours to look back for days, years, and generations to come.

Our Elite Team of NYC Wedding Photographer Professionals

Terry Gruber, a New York City wedding photographer, offers his expertise through Gruber Photography. Teaming up with some of the top NYC wedding photographers, the Gruber team comes second to none. The Gruber team includes:

Freezing a Moment in Time with Breathtaking Photos

You are spending creative energy, time and money to put together your ideal wedding. Every detail is important on this monumental day—the dress, the environment, your friends and family. Because you spent endless resources to prepare for your perfect day, when it actually arrives, you want it captured and you want it to be effortless on your part. By hiring a group of the top NYC wedding photographers for your beautiful day, you can focus on being in the moment; Gruber will take care of the rest.

No matter the wedding size or location, Gruber Photographers has the experience & the equipment to surpass others and provide you with your ideal photographs. Whether your New York City wedding is outdoors, in one of New York City’s beautiful hotels, or outside the city, Gruber Photographers can capture you & yours as well as your entire wedding party. Our staff has experience working with groups of 1-500+ people.

In addition to wedding size, Gruber photographers can accommodate any location. Notable locations taken in New York City by our wedding photographers include:

In addition to these New York City locations, our team has experience shooting destination weddings as well.

Add the cherry on top of your picture-perfect wedding, and contact Gruber photographers online or by phone at 212-262-9777.