Wedding Inspiration: Get it by hiring your wedding photographer first

Bride to Be? Hire your photographer before you do anything else to maximize on great wedding inspiration and recommendations.

Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere, no matter if you are in New York City or out on the beach of Long Island. If you are a bride to be, you’ll be thinking about your wedding whenever you see a flowering garden, an interesting window display or a romantically lit restaurant.

But it can be difficult to recall of every spark of interest on top of your other endless bride to be duties.

Wedding Inspiration Is Found in Your Photographer

One of the best and most relevant ways to get wedding inspiration is to consult with a local wedding photographer. While each bride to be is unique, there have been many before you. Wedding photographers, such as Gruber Photographers in New York, who have built up dozens of portfolios over the past 25 years in business, are happy to showcase their work to new and prospective clients.

“We always show off some albums to each bride to be that we get in here, and they’re always thrilled to see what the other luxury weddings we’ve shot were like,” says Terry Gruber of Gruber Photographers, New York. “They’ll say, ‘Ooh, I love the lighting this one had’ or ‘Where is that cake from?’ or ‘Who was the designer for this wedding?’ They love getting wedding inspiration from our photographs.”

Not only is a bride to be able to look at photo albums to get wedding inspiration for a color palette or a theme, they are also able to ask the photographer questions about who were the brains behind each operation, who the creative visionaries were and most importantly, how they can be contacted.

“Many brides to be have found it very helpful to hire us as their wedding photographer before they do anything else in the planning process,” Gruber said. “Not only will a bride to be find wedding inspiration in our albums but they love that we can also make recommendations for the best planners, event designers, entertainment, catering, etc.”

Photographers like Gruber Photographers, New York have seen first hand hundreds of times what each of these wedding services can do, so they know who is good and best of all, their recommendations are without incentive and unbiased.

Bride to Be Like a Celebrity

New York City has been home to some of the most glamorous and over the top ceremonies and receptions, so it’s the perfect city to seek out a photographer and wedding inspiration. New York City is the luxury wedding hot spot for A-list celebrity weddings like Billy Joel, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas who have rented out entire floors of The Plaza hotel, and hired Gruber Photographers, New York to capture each detail.

From bride to be, to happily married, you’ll find wedding inspiration and help from luxury wedding photographers, Gruber Photographers, New York. Contact us online or call us at 212-262-9777 to see how our professional staff can help you with your wedding preparations.