Museum Wedding Venues: There’s no Short Supply in NYC

By Gruber Photographers

Photograph of the American Museum of Natural History

Here is a quick look at our two favorite Museum venues in NYC.  The first being The American Museum of Natural History, and the second being The Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Where else could you have a ceremony with Dinosaurs, cocktails with elephants and a first dance beneath a 100ft whale?  Only at The American Museum Of Natural History can you expect so many amazing perks.

There are so many charming photo opportunities at The American Museum Of Natural History and something for everyone. A wedding at this stunning venue would allow a couple’s personality to shine through to their friends and family. It can be quirky or cute, dark or mysterious, interesting or adventurous: but whatever the bride and groom are trying to say, a wedding at the American Museum of Natural History is always, undoubtedly a fun and entertaining time for anyone invited.

There is also always Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Why is an Ellis Island Immigration Museum wedding one of our New York City wedding photographer’s favorite events? A few things include the ferry ride to the private island, ceremonies overlooking the water with a 151-foot tall lady watching over you, and the likelihood that your ancestors visited there long before you did.

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