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“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”

John Steinbeck.

Every New Yorker needs to escape the city at some point. One might say that too much of a muchness causes you to “loose your marbles.” In order to find them, many people leave the island of Manhattan for a well-deserved break. These breaks are more than vacations, they serve as a way to unwind and reconnect with oneself. Award Winning Photographer, Terry Gruber, gathers his “marbles” in the cherished terrains of Northwest Montana.

Terry’s sojourns to Montana started in 1994 and since then have become an annual tradition. He refers to his visits as a chance to recharge his battery and reconnect with the natural beauty of the psychical world. Apart from the environment, he idolizes Montana natives for their simpler natural lives and self-sufficiency.

In attempts to pool scattered thoughts and reground himself, Terry began his project “Montana Marbles.” The theme was chosen to act as a metaphor for a complete world. “Every photographic marble is a sphere made up of different physical world attributes.” Terry explained. “A nice collection of marbles is a reward for appreciating the beauty in the physical world. Losing your marbles is considered losing your mind. Collecting your marbles is the process of putting your thoughts together and seeing things in a new perspective.”

“Big Sky Country”

Montana is nicknamed “Big Sky Country” because of its wide-open spaces and legendary endless skies and sunsets. Terry indicates he collects the sunshine in many of his marble photographs. The land inspires him and puts his mind in a place that allows the stress of his high-pressure job to have a known cure. Montana is his antidote to the pace and pressure of New York City.

Montana Marbles Montana marbles

Visiting Montana

Terry Gruber’s Favorites


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  1. Patricia Loomis

    The marbles are cool they take something that may be lovely but kind of isolated which you would just breeze over and focus its beauty to your awareness.


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