Documentary Wedding Photography is The Modern Wedding Photography Trend

Documentary wedding photography is a relatively new trend in modern wedding photography. Only 25 years ago this style was pioneered by New York Wedding Photographers, Gruber Photographers, and has now been adopted by many of the top wedding photographers all over the country.

Why is documentary wedding photography so desirable?

Documentary wedding photography is so desirable because candid photographs, or photographs that are captured when no one is posing, are timeless, sentimental and insightful.

Chances are that the photo album your parents have stored in their bookshelf is filled with photos where the first things you notice are the hairstyles or outdated clothing. That’s because everyone is smiling and posing for the camera. The viewers’ eyes instantly lock on the face of the subject and then on their attire, undoubtedly taking any attention away from the rest of the photo. The funny thing about these terribly dated photographs is that at the time, they were considered modern wedding photography.

The focus in documentary wedding photography is not on the poofy sleeves of the bridesmaid dresses, or the on the powder blue color of the groom’s suit. The focus is on the good times that the guests of the wedding are having. It’s focused on the emotion in the faces of the bride and groom, and their family. It captures nervousness of the bride as she is getting ready, the kiss that the new spouses steal when they think no one is looking, and the excitement the new sister in law shows when she catches the bouquet.

Will it outlast its title of modern wedding photography?

There’s no telling what style of photography might happen in another fifty years, but documentary wedding photography will always provide the photos that your children are really going to want to see. Even though it may no longer be considered modern wedding photography, they are going to want to know what it was like to be at the wedding, not just what everyone was wearing. And you’ll want the photos to remember how happy of a day your wedding was, not just what your centerpieces looked like (although documentary wedding photography will capture that too)!

As Gruber Photographers are the pioneers of this coveted style of wedding photography, they are also considered the best of the best documentary wedding photographers. To have the best wedding photographers in New York City capture your special day with documentary wedding photography, please contact us online or give us a call at 212-262-9777.