Established in New York City in 1989, Gruber Photographers is a renowned photography studio that seeks to find talent and promote from within. Many of Gruber Photographers’ employees got their start as interns. Gruber Photographers offers accredited internship opportunities with an outstanding team of photographers and studio staff to both college students and recent graduates. Interns can expect to work closely with members of the Gruber staff and its team of photographers. Interns will contribute to the day-to-day operations within the office and, occasionally, on location where interns will be trained to assist our photographers.

Interns will have hands-on experience in event photography, portraiture, editing, sales and marketing, and social media tools by the end of their internship. Interns are invited to attend photography and artist’s lectures, and industry events as a supplement to their experience with Gruber Photographers.

The ideal candidate is highly self-motivated, energetic, and possesses a keen interest in both the business of photography and photography as an art form. The position requires a commitment of a minimum of 16 hours a week, Monday through Friday. After having completed their training, interns will be paid for their work on weekend jobs/shoots/projects. In addition, students are encouraged to request/apply for college credit for their internship. At the internship’s close/end, letters of recommendation and written assessments are given. Additionally, interns will be provided with a Metro card for their transportation.

Application Instructions and Deadlines

Fall/Winter: July 22
Winter/Spring: January 10
Summer: April 22

Please send a resume and cover letter detailing your background, skills, and reason for applying to the position to Please include, “Internship Application” and the season for which you are applying in the email’s subject line. Please, also, specify how many hours you are able to commit to.

Applicants will be interviewed via Skype by the Owner, the Studio Manager, and the Production Manager.


“I interned for Gruber Photography during the summer of 2019. From the first day I walked into Terry Gruber’s beautiful and inspiring studio, I felt extremely welcomed by the staff. As a photographer, I was lacking many technical lessons on photography. Terry Gruber did a wonderful job at making my internship a learning experience in every aspect of the job. This internship did not just consist of sitting at a desk all day or going on coffee runs. During this internship I had many opportunities to attend and work at events in beautiful places such as Times Square, central Park, and the Hamptons. During these times I learned an abundance of knowledge revolving around photography. As for a boss, Terry has the perfect remedy of authoritative and approachable. He is passionate about his company and therefore passionate about the people who work and intern for his company. He managed to keep the internship exciting and original. I feel extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to learn and experience as much as I did through an internship, which can be rare these days. I highly recommend interning for Gruber Photographers.”

Sabrina, Summer of 2019
Colorado University-Boulder, Media Production, Class of 2021

“This was my first real experience in the photographic world. This internship has stuck with me throughout my career. Gruber Photographers accelerated my knowledge of photography faster than my classes at college. Professors would constantly ask me “how do you know this? we haven’t gotten to this part of the lesson yet.” At some point, Terry made me sift through wedding jobs of thousands of photos and cutting the number down to 1200. I didn’t understand why at the time, until I went to shoot. It’s like the story of the Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi. He was honing my eye. Making me see what he saw, story lined imagery executed with lighting techniques and precise angles. He has taught me everything from Lighting, the use of each lens, extensive film knowledge(from 8×10 film to the darkroom) and most importantly how to see. To this day, no photographer is able to teach me what I have learned at this studio. It is something I appreciate every time I go shoot.”

Peter, Summer 2013
Photography Major, The Fashion Institute of Technology 2017

“Working at Gruber Photographers I have not only been able to develop my technical skills within photography but I have also been able to develop my critical working skills within the office. Being an Intern at Gruber Photographers introduces you to loads of opportunities, including: event shooting, client meetings, travel trips, etc. All these different aspects and working with Terry is what makes this internship so unique.”

Hanna, Fall of 2019
Parsons The New School, Visual Studies and Communication Design, Class of 2021

“The environment at Gruber Photographers was refreshing and working alongside Terry was a rewarding experience. The intimacy of the workspace and level of communication between everyone in the studio made it extremely easy to learn and be confident in my work. I was able to learn about new equipment and techniques whenever I assisted during photoshoots and still had fun in the process. Some of my other tasks, such as organizing and filing, were still interesting to me as I was allowed to be as thorough as possible and was trusted in my process. My time there was never boring and it taught me a lot about independence in a workspace while still being a part of a very productive team.

I highly recommend an internship at Gruber Photographers as I had no negative experiences while working there. It was able to satisfy my interest in photography and absorbed a ton of new information while doing so.”

Maddy, Summer of 2019
Borough of Manhattan Community College, Liberal Arts, Class of 2020