How to Work with a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner in NYC

Wedding planners possess the in-depth knowledge, innovative ideas, and desired experience to help you pull off your dream wedding.

How to pick your planner is reserved for another day, but once you have decided who your wedding planner will be, here’s how to work with them to ensure you, your spouse and family host a perfect wedding.

Collaborate with your wedding planner

Your planner wants your wedding to be as amazing as you do.

1. Trust their expertise but communicate your ideas. If you feel your being pushed stand your ground.

2. Trust their advice and their network. They know experts in every discipline. Their expertise will point you in the right direction.

3. Use the time they are giving you wisely.  Have them at your side at your venue floral design, photography, and band meetings.

4. Allow your planner to be a sounding board for you when making critical decisions

5. Let your planner help you stay on budget.

6. Create a timeline (an efficient schedule) with them that allows you the pace and space you feel you need.

Just as important as your wedding planner, is your wedding photographer. Don’t let your photographer be any less important than your decision on your planner, venue or band. 

Your pictures will be appreciated by your children and their children. They should be beautiful, narrative, and emotionally telling. Work with Gruber Photographers capture your love story with flawless execution and photographic style. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 to learn more about booking with us.

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