How to Prepare For Your Valentine’s Day Secret Proposal

How to Prepare For Your Valentine’s Day Secret Proposal

Capturing a marriage proposal is one of the most special jobs we offer. It is a moment that can only be seen once; a moment when you and your soulmate are truly connected by love. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life, so we believe that great photography is a must. And on Valentine’s Day, you should expect nothing less than perfection.

One of the great beauties of Valentine’s Day is the fact that you can feel the love in the air. So when someone pops the question on this special day in February, the sentimentality is nearly doubled — something that must be seen through the photos. That’s the challenge for us: capture both the eternity of a marriage proposal as well as the backdrop of Valentine’s Day. But the result itself is sure to be beautiful.

The Groom Details The Proposal

For all marriage proposals, the most important thing photography-wise, is the collaborative aspect. Beforehand, we work with the groom to figure out the best way to remain discreet yet focused. We will also discuss the best angle to not only get the perfect photo, but also, to keep the authenticity of the moment alive.

However what we really strive for, in the end, is a friendship. Having that bond guarantees a higher quality photos, simply because we know what we’re looking for ourselves. So before shooting, our photographers will spend some time with the groom, getting to know the relationship at hand in order to bring a human aspect to the photos. This way, the moment is personal for everyone.

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On Valentine’s Day, it’s no doubt that your proposal plan will be a most beautiful surprise. Your partner will never see it coming or the Gruber Photographer nearby. And the best part of all: you have love by your side.

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