How to Prepare for Your First Family Portrait

Family at their First Photoshoot in NYC Family portraits are a beautiful documentation of all the stages in your life. However, if it’s your first portrait with your family, you may need some help preparing yourself and, more importantly your kids for the big day.

Talk to your kids ahead of time

A week or so before the shoot, tell your kids about the portrait session so they aren’t caught off guard. Letting them know in advance gives you enough time to explain to them what you expect of them behavior-wise. This also will hopefully get them more comfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera.

Dress for the weather

Whether it’s chilly outside or scorching hot, dressing yourself and your children appropriately will help keep temperaments calm. If you are buying a new outfit for your kids, consider letting them try it on a week or so in advance so they can break it in and feel comfortable.

Consider sleep schedules

When it comes to booking your session, try to avoid scheduling it around your child’s typical nap time. In fact, scheduling the portrait immediately after a nap proves beneficial; they will be happier and more likely to be cooperative.

Remember to take care of yourself, as well

The night before your session, encourage everyone to go to bed a little earlier than normal to ensure you are well rested. If you are exhausted the day of, you may be unhappy with the results. Also make sure to properly hydrate so your skin is glowing, youthful, and camera-ready!

At Gruber Photographers, we are inspired by one simple truth, “A moment is defined not only by its subject, but also by the effect it has on those who share it.” Feel free to explore our portfolio or give us a call at 212-262-9777 to work with us from concept and set-up to the shoot!

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