How to Find the Best NYC Wedding Photographer

Unfortunately in the age of the internet, any college undergrad with an SLR can successfully market him or herself the best nyc wedding photographer. But how do you know if your wedding photographer is truly the best of the best?

Before you make any hiring decisions, always look into the photographer-in-question’s history and look into their previously published photography online. Make a note of the venues photographed at and the clients that the photographer has worked with to determine if they could be considered a celebrity wedding photographer.

Let’s break down the questions above:

Is he or she a celebrity wedding photographer?

When the photographer you want to hire starts getting contacted by celebrities, that’s a pretty good indication that they are a considered the best nyc wedding photographer. Most photographers’ high-profile event photos can usually be found online which will indicate that you are working with a celebrity wedding photographer. You can still sense a photographer’s reputation by investigating multiple photo albums of theirs. You may even start to notice that some people are showing up in multiple albums, either as the host or as an invitee which indicates they have repeat clients.

Does the Photographer shoot at the best wedding venues in the city?

You know the infamous names: The Plaza, The Waldorf Astoria, The Pierre; the list goes on. If the NYC wedding photographer you are looking into has shot at some of these quintessential locations, you are most likely in very good hands.

Where has the NYC wedding photographer been published?

It can be reassuring to see your photographer listed on wedding photographer directories, but these are often actually discreet paid advertisements. True editorial commentary on the photographer is the best way to know a photographers reputation.

If the photographer you are looking into is of celebrity status, photographs at exclusive venues and is mentioned by the most respected publishers, you may have yourself a top nyc wedding photographer.

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