How to Capture Every Moment of Your Wedding Day

Bride and Wedding Guest Toasting Yes, the obvious answer is to hire a professional wedding photographer, which we fully endorse, but we have a few ways to capture even more memories on your big day and maybe have a little fun while you’re at it!

Photo booths and other ways for guests to capture moments

One trend we have seen become popular over the past decade is DIY photography at receptions. This provides a source of entertainment for you and your guests as well as another fun way to capture memories. You can opt for a personal photo booth that will provide you with everything you need to celebrate your day with your friends and family along with a specialized border on every photos strip; an extra gift for your guests to take home to remember the night.

There’s also the option to feature a large self-portrait studio that can change lighting and backdrops as your guests please. Be silly, be classy, or just be you! 12 guests can share in the spotlight with this fun way of capturing cherished moments during your reception.

Utilize Instagram and its latest #trends

Social media has made it easy to keep track of all of your guests favorite moments throughout your big day, especially on Instagram. Create a personal hashtag for you and your partner’s big day and share it with your guests! You’ll be able to see all of the photos that guests posted with your unique hashtag and see what your big day was like through the eyes of those attending.

And of course, enlist a professional wedding photographer

A wedding photographer will be able to capture all of your precious moments without you having to lift a finger. Professionals will be able to cover the wonderful moments, reactions and details that occur throughout the ceremony and reception. At Gruber Photographers, we achieve incredibly complete coverage with a light-footed presence and a dedication to capturing your big day. Call us at 212-262-9777 to inquire about our services and start planning your vision with us today!

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