Holiday Gift Guide: Yes or No to Holiday Engagements?

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With holiday cheer and love in the air, it is no surprise that “the most wonderful time of year” is also the most popular time for wedding proposals. Amongst the holiday parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, there are endless opportunities to propose to the one you love. There are, of course, pros and cons to getting engaged at this joyful time of year.

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Romance: Love is all around during this time of year. Whether it be ice skating, seeing Christmas lights, or just a snowy walk in the park, everyday activities become even more romantic around the holidays and provide a picturesque backdrop to any proposal. 

Family: The holidays are a time to spend with family. This makes for a great way to immediately celebrate your engagement with the ones you care about most. Your family can be more involved in this special time in your life at this time of year.

Finances: With holiday bonuses, as well as making an engagement ring your partner’s gift, the holidays are a time to save money on this large investment. And what better gift to receive than a wedding proposal? 


Family: While family is definitely be a pro, it can also be a con. You may want to keep your engagement private and take some time to celebrate just the two of you and with planned family parties this would be more difficult to do than at other times of the year.

Stress: You are already under a great deal of stress during the holidays between buying gifts for family and friends, traveling, etc., and popping the question or making such a large commitment at this time could add to that stress and make your engagement less enjoyable.

Cliché: Of course, the holidays are a great time to get engaged, but the popularity of holiday engagements has become known to many and you will have to share an engagement day with countless others. The romance of this time of year can also be seen as cheesy and cliché. 

‘Tis the season for celebration, time spent with loved ones, and wedding proposals! 

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