“Gruber Untapped” Featured Photographer

Picture of Anna Sirota


Anna Sirota is a fine art and portrait photographer from Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from The New School with a dual BA/BFA in Photography and Literary Studies. In addition to pursuing her fine art photography career, Anna has been working as a freelance image processor and retoucher for several New York studios including Gruber Photographers. She enjoys many forms of self expression and creativity including writing, singing, and dance.

Photo Down a Haunted Hallway blue crossing


Gruber Untapped Pop-up Gallery Exhibition-Opening night Thursday May 15th

Open to the public May 16th-May 22nd

Make reservations by contacting

Gruber Photographers

Media Contact: Felicity Mason, Studio Manager

Email: info@gruberphotographers.com

Phone: 212.262.9777

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