“Gruber Untapped” Featured Photographer: Zev Greenfield

A native New Yorker, Zev has spent a lifetime at the center of the avant-garde community. Growing up in the Historic Chelsea Hotel has continuously fed his passion for photography & capturing moments in time. Whether capturing human-interest subjects in Africa, Europe, or the Middle East, a celebrity wedding in Manhattan, or intimate beachside nuptials, Zev’s work is distinquished by sensitivity and an emotional understanding of people.

The work exhibited is part of a larger body of work from Zev’s Africa series. Zev’s work has been exhibited in Israel, Africa, Canada, and US.

Zev’s work has been seen in: Elle Decor, New York Magazine, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Business Week, People Magazine, OK Magazine, NY Times, NBC Saturday Night Live Archives, Saturday Night Live Specials, TV Guide, HBO, Trio Network, BBC, Variety, Playbill, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.


Girl Talk  16” x 20” Framed copy Showing Off  20” x 28” Framed copy




Gruber Untapped Pop-up Gallery Exhibition-Opening night Thursday May 15th

Open to the public May 16th-May 22nd

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Phone: 212.262.9777

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