“Gruber Untapped” Featured Photographer: Ryan Carville

Ryan Carville, Texan born, moved to New York City in 2007 with two suitcases, a camera and a passionate dream.  His photographic vision has evolved since then, starting off in still life then running the gamut of fashion, advertising and E-Commerce photography.  Ryan currently has found a home in portraiture and travel projects.  “It is the sight of the unknown that gets my attention.” he says.   Ryan has traveled to Japan, China, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and to some of the most remote parts of the Caribbean to photograph.  The next trip is India and Nepal which will take place during the month of July this year.

 The selection of work for “Gruber Untapped” is from two of his street photography series, “Night Workers” and “Umbrellas”.
Caught in a Fountain Women Working View from the inside of a taxi cab


Gruber Untapped Pop-up Gallery Exhibition-Opening night Thursday May 15th

Open to the public May 16th-May 22nd

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Phone: 212.262.9777

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