Gruber Photographer’s New York Banquet Photography

If you think you have a large family, check this out …
265 Schwarz Strong.  That’s how many Schwarz descendants gathered to meet their relatives, some for the very first time, at their family reunion April 29th in South Orange, NJ.   What started as a family tree homework assignment, became a huge event with relatives flying in from all over the country.  As one of the attendees tells the NJ Jewish News, “Last time people were saying, What are you doing here? I’m a cousin. People were doing business with each other for 30 or 40 years and did not know they were related until they walked in!”

Twenty years ago at Schwarz’s first reunion, they captured the occasion with a banquet photo shot by Standard Flash. This year’s organizer had read “Making Sure No Guest is Forgotten” the Times article about our New York Banquet Photography services and called on Gruber to continue their family’s tradition.  As it turns out the Standard Flash photographer was our mentor Jayson using our camera twenty years earlier!

You can read more about this great event here.

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