Gruber Photographers Clients Get Creative

We love when our clients get creative and wanted to share a few of their great ideas that we recently came across!

Jordyn chose the theme of LIFE (the board game!) for her Bat Mitzvah and decided that images of her used throughout the party would showcase the different areas of her life and personality. Some of the photos were blown up and hung from the ceiling on screens, while others were used on giveaways and as table decoration.

And for Gerri and Charles’ Retro-Hollywood designed wedding, they thought it would be fun if ALL of their guests could take a photo with them! Two weeks before their big day, the couple posed for pictures at our studio adorned in their reception attire. They then chose one photo that was made into a life-sized cut out and during the reception guests had fun ‘posing’ with them (maybe a little too much fun).

We have over 1,000 square feet of in-house studio space and are always available for photo shoots so get creative! We will capture the very best of your personality be it glamorous to relaxed or serious to romantic if you want to add some personalization to your event!

Creative NYC photography

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